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Know your customers and their needs at any time

Personalise your customers shopping experience and boost your sales


IQ allows you to maintain up-to-date customer records and a customer base information that enables efficient marketing campaigns and marketing automation.

Sales Reps

We ease your sales rep's life


IQ Sales can register your communication channels (Email, Phone, Visits) and monitor your customer relation. This is an important tool for your sales reps, and it is a requirement for marketing campaigns, for exmple using IQ Campaign.


Get loyal clients, by offering the a personal shopping experience over all channels


The offer screen allows you to create personalised offers for your customers during a visit in the store. A non decided customer can receive all information right on their email and make an order with one click. When you create an offer you can automatically create a reminder task to get in touch with the client before the offer expires.


Create any survey or form to collect customer information relevant for your business.

Purchase tickets

Import all purchase tickets from your ERP and assign them to your customers to give your salesrep a 360º customer view. IQ Analytics and IQ Campaign can use purchase tickets for marketing campaigns and personalised offer calculation.

Sales Reps

Maintain a complete history of your sales rep's interactions with your customers, so you don't loose any sales opportunity. IQ Sales can for example register all communication made in any Email client (like Outlook) and assign them to your customers. Never loose an email contact.


IQ Sales allows you to seamlessly track all visits in your store. Product interests are tracked without interfering the sales process. If for example a sales rep checks availability of a product or product variant in storage or in a different branch, the interest in this product is automatically stored at your clients record. Products can be searched using a barcode or by full text search. Once the interest is tracked, it can be used in IQ Campaign for targeted retail campaigns, or to create an offer for the client.


Your sales reps can organise appointments with your clients, for example personal shopping. Your clients receive an email and all appointments are visible in the application or can be integrated with Outlook or Google Calendar.


Our task management system allows to store tasks with a client. A task can be created by a sales rep or by his manager or even by IQ Campaign or any other campaigning tool. Also trigger based tasks are created by the application, for example when an offer is sent to a customer, an automated reminder task is created.

Customer History

All contact points with a customer at a single view


The email accounts of your sales reps can be synchronised with the CRM tool. All emails with a client are grouped in a efficient chat view. A simple way to get a quick overview of a communication.


Take notes related to your client and sales. Don't loose an opportunity.


All calls initiated from the app are recorded in the call log automatically. Calls made by other means can be registered manually or through our API.

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